My 2023 travels in four pictures

This year I visited:

  • Tokyo, Hakone, Kamakura and Yokohama, March
  • Sydney, May-June
  • Helsinki, Tallinn and Stockholm, August
  • Melbourne, November

I travelled a lot more in 2023 than I would have in a normal (pre-pandemic) year, and by the end of it I was feeling pretty broke as well as tired, but I’m really really glad I got to do all these trips. Each of them was memorable for their own reasons: I got to spend time with family, one on one and in smaller numbers as well as all of us together; I got to spend time with friends from far away, I got to explore new places, and I was reminded—over and over again—of how big the world is and how small we are, in the greater scheme of things.

After my two-week summer trip, I got back to the office and mentioned to a colleague that it made me realise how little the daily stresses of work really matter, and I think this is the best thing about getting away. I’d sort of forgotten about it during the pandemic. All my travels this year brought that feeling back and reminded me how much I cherish it.

I do want to cut back on travelling next year because I am so tired now. But I wouldn’t have traded any of my trips this year for anything.

People walking past a cherry blossom tree in bloom in Kamakura, Japan.The Sydney Opera House lit up in orange for the VIVID Festival 2023.A view of water and trees in Nuuksio National Park, Finland.A mural on the wall of Degraves St, Melbourne.

Cuifen @bluecaravan