January 2024 so far

  • I took part in a panel reading and talk for Best New Singaporean Short Stories Vol 6 at Kino, which was super fun and just a great way to start the year. Really thankful to Jason at Epigram Books for the opportunity :)
  • Working on revising the novel draft I spent last year writing, where “revising” is a word that here means “writing it all over again”, this time with some semblance of actual plan (in the form of a very sprawling mindmap).
  • 📚 Reading: I finished Welcome to the Hyunam-Dong Bookshop and The Kamogawa Book Detectives this month, both of which sit squarely in the category I loosely think of as “cosy healing fiction”. There has been a particular groundswell of this genre in Japanese and Korean fiction, which I can’t help but feel is a sign of how much stories like these resonate with people now.
  • 🎵 Listened to the masterful Garrick Ohlsson and the SSO play Rach 2 piano concerto, my favourite classical piece ever, always a treat.
  • Would like to blog more consistently this year (and get over the idea that I need to write Proper Blog Entries because really this is my space to livetweet whatever is in my head)
Cuifen @bluecaravan