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Art in Defiance of the Endless Cosmic Nothing, Chuck Tingle

This is a joyous, affirming reminder to all creative people out there—and really, that’s all of us—that the urge to make things has always been, at its core, about love.

Across every timeline—every one of the infinite parallel existence layers stacked atop each other like some delicious, never-ending pancake—I believe there is one universal truth. For any reality to survive in the vast empty abyss it must exhibit a drive for creation.

Therefore, a drive for community.

Therefore, a drive for love.

Once I realized this was the fuel behind everything, I used that knowledge to my advantage.

How do I get over writers block?

Turn to love. Harness that.

How can I tell this story in the most effective way possible.

Turn to love. Harness that.

How can I find an appropriate balance between my writing time and my personal life.

Turn to love. Harness that.

“Where You From?“ The Problem With Shortcuts in Writing Place in Fiction, Brett Biebel

Place is one of my favourite things to think about in fiction, whether I’m writing or reading it. I enjoyed this essay about how to thoughtfully write place.

Indeed, one way to deepen fictional depictions of place is to be as aware of geographic clichés as we are of linguistic ones, to avoid reaching for the easy setting signifier in the same way we work to avoid the usual plot contrivances or standard character archetypes. Maybe the trick is as simple as never letting the mind settle into “vacation” or “tourist” mode and always carrying a map, always looking for something that represents a place not as its public face, the billboard on the side of the highway, but in a tucked-away corner, something you can only find by really looking.

The Perfect Webpage

A fascinating read on Google’s flattening effect on the web, and how the importance of Google Search to small businesses’ survival has led to the homogenisation of so much online.

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